aims to become a media delivering the thoughts behind bitcoin aims to become a media delivering the thoughts behind bitcoin

As we announced at Renewal Notice, we are finally ready for full renewal. In this renewal, not only the change in contents, but we also welcome new members to the management team. will focus on the vision of bitcoin and blockchain technologies, and aim for media that can deliver the thoughts behind the basic technology that will create the future world and the thoughts of people related to it.

When the Internet was invented, a lot of people studied about the Internet, or how to use a browser. However, such information is not left in this society any more. What remains now is a browser derived from Netscape, and a large number of Internet related companies. When the Internet was invented, Jeff Bezos used the basic technology of the Internet and thought about selling books. The business expanded from books to daily necessities and it created an infrastructure that produces many startups in the form of AWS. And now, they have expanded their business to build next-generation delivery system using drone to change the world.

We think people who are paying attention to bitcoin are the same as those who payed attention to the Internet in the past.  I’m sure that the next Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, will be born from those who are reading this page. We decided to continue to this website to help those innovators.

Rather than simply telling the way of making money with bitcoin, news or events, we aim of becoming a media to tell “feelings” needed for a new era which will begin in the near future. We appreciate your continued support.

Finally, we would like to introduce our new members who will manage

Mai Fujimoto

Miss Bitcoin
Bitcoin Donation website “Kizuna” Founder

 I am honored to join BitBiteCoin, which is one of the oldest bitcoin media in Japan. Among a lot of wonderful bitcoin media in Japan, BitBiteCoin will focus on the vision of bitcoin and people related to it. Nice to meet you!

Ayano Maria

She was born in Tokyo and went to a boarding school in Switzerland. After graduated form a university in UK, she worked for a global financial institution. Currently live in California.

 I am happy to join BitBiteCoin to work with Hiro and Mai, who are two of the most exciting people I have ever met. I would like to deliver the exciting news of bitcoin throughout Japan. Thank you.