Apache ソフトウェア財団がビットコインの受付を開始!

Apache ソフトウェア財団がビットコインの受付を開始!

本格的に寄付のしくみが変わる世界が来るのでしょうか。Apache ソフトウェア財団がビットコインでの寄付受付を発表しました。

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has formally announced that it will be accepting donations in Bitcoin. Making the announcement on August 29, 2014, the Foundation posted on their official blog stating that they had been accepting Bitcoin donations for several days, but that there had not been any official confirmation of their decision to accept the digital currency.


As noted in the quote above, the ASF received more than 3 BTC in donations before they even publicly announced their decision to accept Bitcoin, which equated to approximately $1500 at the time they published their blog post. Currently (September 1, 2014, at 12:54 PM EST) those 3 BTC are worth approximately $1450.

正式に発表するよりも前に、すでに 3 BTC の寄付が集まっていたそうです。最近低迷しているビットコイン価格ですが、それでも約15万円程度の価値があります。

Wikipedia の前例もありますので、この取組も応援したいと思います。ビットコインは地球を救う!

Via Apache Software Foundation Now Accepting Bitcoin : Bitcoin