About BitBiteCoin.com

What is this website about?

Published in 2013. It is a website that delivers up-to-date information on Bitcoin to spread Bitcoin.

Why do we want to spread Bitcoin?

There are many possibilities for Bitcoin. For example, you can make small payments with very little fee by using Bitcoin. For many web-based creators, such as content creators and application developers, this is an opportunity to expand their range of activities. Bitcoin also demonstrates its true value in monetary support activities such as fund-raising, where people find the payment commissions dilemma. Bitcoin has the potential to contribute especially to the developing countries or regions, and web-based business which will develop in the future.

That’s not all about.

It is attractive as financial assets as well. Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin is essential when you think about the next generation of finance. Moreover, we even find the possibility as a financial and payment platform for the new generation. It can be a platform for the exchange of value in new markets, not only between a person and a person, but also a person and a machine, a person and AI, and a machine and a machine.

What types of content do we publish?

We introduce cases of introductions of Bitcoin, mining, regulations and laws, and overseas news. We publish articles about Bitcoin and Bitcoin related latest technology, and interview videos to important / influencial people in the industry as well.

Who manages this website?

Hulor Capital Inc. and Hiro Shinohara, who is the CEO of Hulor Capital Inc. manage this website. To see the detailed profile, please click here.